John Hatleberg

John Hatleberg began cutting gems at the age of ten and apprenticed as a lapidary until college. During graduate school at Cranbrook Academy of Art he narrowed his medium to the limitations of gems and minerals, a decision that led to a focus for the potential of jewels. Several years later he had an offer to design mica and resin jewelry for the fashion runways in Paris. This led him to perfect the techniques that would soon enable him to work with highly important diamonds.

Supplementing his art, John Hatleberg has consulted for the Tower of London for the permanent exhibitions "Crowns and Diamonds" concerning the Koh-i-Noor, consulted for Christie's Third edition of lan Balfour's "Famous Diamonds" to improve the diamond photographs and consulted on the landmark "Diamants" exhibitions at the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris . He has been a lecturer at Sotheby's with and without the noted diamond historian lan Balfour, the Gemological Institue of America, The Gemmological Association of Great Britain and the Fashion Institute of Technology.

John Hatleberg has been working secretly for years on an incredible project.

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